Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend in Charlotte

We went to Charlotte last weekend to visit everyone. Mom and Glenn flew in to Raleigh because they had to do a few things around here, and they took Ella with them to Charlotte on Thursday night, the night before Steve and I drove there. Steve and I got to go out to dinner together and Ella got some excellent grandparent time!

They had a successful trip out to Charlotte and then on Friday Mom, Erin, Ella and Cameron went to the park together

Checking out the ducks

Swinging on the playground

Mom giving Ella a pedicure - Ella loves to have her toes done!

We got there Friday night and were so happy to see Ella after her being away for the night!

Steve with Ella and Cameron. Cameron is just adorable and has gotten so much bigger in just the month since we last saw him!

On Saturday we went to see Dad and Donna, they moved a few weeks ago from Pinehurst to about a half-hour outside of Charlotte in South Carolina. They're living in a rental house right now in the neighborhood they'll be living in, while their new house is built.

Ella loves Cameron so much. Here are a few really cute pictures of Ella and Cameron at Dad and Donna's -

(Funny sidenote - This past weekend we were at the playground and Ella was playing with a girl who was about 6. The two of them talked back and forth and then the girl said to Ella, "I have a baby sister", and Ella said back to her, "I have a baby Cameron." - It was precious!)

Steve and Dad checking out the progress on their soon-to-be-finished house

Glenn, Steve and Josh went to a hockey game on Saturday night, and the girls (plus Cameron!) stayed in for the night

Some pre-bedtime mischief

Check out Cameron's chunky arm asleep on Erin!

Ella loves taking pictures with the camera and so far it's working out pretty well because she knows how to take pictures, and how to review them on the camera, but fortunately doesn't know how to delete them yet. Here is a self-portrait I discovered!

Josh was holding Cameron up too high for Ella to get her hands on him. She got resourceful and grabbed a stool to solve the problem!

Bike riding with Grampy G on Sunday

Pretty girl

Me, Ella and Cameron

It was a great trip and so good to see everyone for the weekend!


Aunt Erin said...

Ella has a "baby Cameron" sweet!

Mom said...

These are adorable! The pix of Cameron and Ella at Dad and Donna's are the BEST! Ella loves having a "baby Cameron!"