Monday, August 30, 2010


Some of my favorite Ella-isms from the past few weeks -

I asked her what she was doing. "I'm going shopping. By myself! Sound good guys?"

Nomar was playing and kind of running around. Ella says - "Oh Omar, Omar's being silly. I go check him. See what's doing." Ella goes into the laundry room and I hear "Hi Omar, what doing? I close the door, go downstairs." Very proudly - "Mommy! I made Omar go downstairs."

I was making her lunch one night. "You're making pasta for my lunch. What else?"

Eating breakfast one morning, "I need to get down and go pet Cory REALLY NICE (with hand gestures to show just how nice she was going to be). Then, with a finger point, "I not hit Cory EVER (very big eyes) - I am REALLY NICE to Cory." And then she yells to Cory, "Hi Cory. I be nice!"

"I need to stand up and put my shoes on, Mommy says."

Me: How do you feel this morning? Ella: Happy!

Ella was working on stamping a piece of paper with her stamps. I asked if I could see her project and she said "no, you cannot." I said "why won't you show me?". Her reply - "this is MY chore, not your chore."

"Daddy used my stool to hang a picture. I shared!!!"

"Thank you Steve!" (this one really shocked us and seemed to surprise her too!)

"I love my toys. In my house. All my toys!"

Erin: Ella, your hair is getting so long! Ella: And very beautiful.

With Glenn, walking up the stairs. Glenn: "Ella, do you want to come to New Jersey with me?" Ella: "I can't. It's too late!"

"I used my manners!"

On her toy phone. "I call Grammy. Grammy, Hello? Hello?" Annoyed - "Her's not talking!"

We were in a parking lot waiting for Steve. Ella: "I see Daddy!" Me: "That's not Daddy, that's a lady!" Ella: "Ohhh, a neighbor!" (it was not a neighbor)

"I get older, to 3 and a half, and I eat peanuts and drink coffee!"

Playing with her birthday cake toy. "Mommy, wait - don't sing Happy Birthday! I add a candle!"

"Mommy, what happened at work today?"

Completely unsolicited, "I had a good night of sleep."

"Sometimes, the playground gets broke. Can't play on the playground. Daddy fix it tomorrow?

"Daddy, talk with your voices!"

"I see an old lady!" (Said within very easily heard earshot of the not-so-old lady.)

"I drink milk and it makes me really big. And strong. And FAST!"

"I give big kisses to Mommy all day long."


Aunt Erin said...

soooo cute! What a clever little lady.

Mom said...

Oh my goodness, that's the cutest -we're getting her a cell phone with my number on speed dial.