Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Potty Training

We just finished Day 6 of Official Potty Training and I am amazed at how well it is going. I decided that Ella was going to be happy with pull-ups forever because it was the best of both worlds for her - she could use the potty when she wanted to but also could wet them when she wanted to. She wore underwear several hours at a time at home but never out of the house and really preferred to wear pull-ups, because that way she didn't have to be worried about stopping whatever she was doing to go to the potty.

We realized that we were going to have to make it happen, so we decided last weekend was going to be it. We told her for a few days that after school on Friday she was switching over completely to big girl underwear and no pull-ups, except when she was asleep.

On Friday after school she did not want to put on underwear and really wanted to still wear pull-ups but I told her she could have a gummy bear if she decided to put it on and her mind was miraculously changed. We set up a potty chart on the fridge and she got a magnet every time she went.

I was prepared for several accidents all weekend but she didn't have a single one - even to Little Gym on Saturday and some errands Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I wasn't sure how church would go because I didn't know if she'd tell the ladies at nursery if she needed to go, but she was good; and then Sunday afternoon we were out for a few hours and although there was a near-emergency when we were getting her pictures taken (but she still made it!!), she did awesome - although I did go to more public bathrooms this weekend then I usually go to in a month.

The big test was Monday at school and she did have an accident on the playground in the afternoon, which I was not at all surprised about at all, that was my guess as to what would happen. But, the last 2 days at school she's been accident free both days! She's still in pull-ups to sleep but I'm really happy with her daytime potty training so far. I am so proud of her, she's such a big girl!!

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