Monday, August 9, 2010

Memorable Moments at School

Ella gets a report every day at school and it tells which activities they did that day, how much she ate for lunch, how long she napped, and when she used the potty. There is also a little section called 'Memorable Moment' and has something memorable about the day. I usually throw out the reports but keep my favorite of the 'memorable moments.

Friday was Ella's teacher's last day. Ms. Dina is going back to school to get her masters degree, and since we're just starting with a new teacher (Miss Ashley), I decided to put together my favorite Memorable Moments from her time with Ms. Dina -

- Ella did a great job listening at story time. She also participated with the group discussing what type of clothing we wear in cold weather and when it snows.

- Ella played with Gillian today. She used her imagination in the cozy corner and they pretended to read to each other.

- Ella had a blast at water play today. Great job with your table manners!

- Ella got to play on the "big kid" playground. Lots of fun!

- Ella played with Gillian today in the kitchen. She did a great job using her imagination.

- Ella said water play was the best part of her day when I asked.

- Ella did a great job sharing the toys with her friends today!

- Ella is a such a joy! She did a great job making her rainbow fish. She also did well on the balance room in the gross motor room.

- Ella played tea set with Tess - so cute! They had fun.

- Ella sorted fruits and vegetables today. She was able to name almost all of them and their colors.

- Ella led the group in the ABC song!

- Ella did a great job using her words and sharing with her friends.

We are going to miss "my Dina," as Ella calls her, but we plan to keep in touch, and we are so glad for all of the "Memorable Moments" that Ella has had with her.

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Mom said...

I bet Miss Dina found Ella to be "memorable."