Monday, August 2, 2010

2 1/2 Year Photos

I took Ella to get 2 1/2 year photos taken yesterday. I started getting her excited the day before with the promise of a trip to the mall for a merry-go-round ride and a pretzel after pictures, and it worked beautifully. She was excited to wear her princess dress and wanted to put it on all morning. It even made her cheerful for church because she was looking forward to what was coming after.

She did so good taking pictures, I was so proud of her - she was really shy and serious at first but still did everything the lady asked her and eventually started giving big smiles. I love how they came out, here are my favorites!

The photographer told me that Ella was the most well-behaved 2 year old she's ever photographed and couldn't believe how well she followed directions - this is quite an amazing statement because "well-behaved" does not make the list of adjectives I'd choose to describe her lately! However - Ella plus the prospect of a little celebration after equals quite the little photo subject!

She was in such a good mood that she played the whole time we were waiting to pick up the photos, and then we went to the mall after. We ate our pretzel and lemonade at the food court, and then went on the merry-go-round. She picked the teacup instead of a horse this time so we sat in there together and she really liked it. All in all, a wonderful afternoon with my little chum!


Mom said...

GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful, perfect 2 year old...

Jennifer said...

Love them!!! And the pink and green dress is the cutest!