Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nature Woman's Kryptonite

Ella has finally met a foe in the great outdoors - BUGS! It's gotten really warm in the last week or so and with that has come - bugs...which Ella has decided she does not like.

The other day when we were in the greenway there was a little cloud of bugs that really bothered her and she wanted to be carried the rest of the way home. She also says "it's bees" about most any bug, even non-bees, and wants to be carried as well when there are "bees" around.

Here she is being interviewed by me on a milk break after our bugs encounter!


The Tooles said...

I love how intense her face looks when she first talks about the bugs! She means business..stay away bugs!

Mom said...

The expressions, the hand to her face...she's so serious!

Aunt Erin said...

ridiculous!! She is so so cute!