Friday, April 23, 2010


Two Saturdays ago we went to Frogfest at a park nearby - it was a kids event with all different kinds of frog-related things. Ella loves frogs (foggies) and we had a great time!

Ella and Dominic ready to go digging for frogs - although they were both pretty hesitant at first

Ooooh I see one...

Got it!

Ella really liked this little frog. She managed to keep track of him for several days and then one night when I was getting her ready for bed she asked me where the frog was and I didn't know. Steve was out at a softball game and Ella told me to ask Steve when he got home. I figured she was just talking, but I did ask him and he said they were outside in the backyard and the frog got lost in the backyard - tiny green frog, green grass, pretty understandable. The next morning Ella asked me first thing "ask daddy foggie?" I couldn't believe she remembered but it was her first thought in the morning. Days later she was still saying "foggie gone outside."

Steve ended up getting her a new little toy frog a few days ago. In a funny little move, she named him Buey! Right now Buey is sleeping next to Ella in her crib :).

A different kind of "froggie pool"

First time trying a water gun

Dominic was very brave and went right up to this turtle to touch his shell (Ella said "nope!" when I asked her if she wanted to touch it)

Going down the slide

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Christine said...

They're just too cute together!