Friday, April 9, 2010


On Easter Sunday it was my Sunday to work in the cafe at church which I do at the 8:30 service every other week, and on those Sundays I need to be at church early, and then Steve gets Ella dressed and ready and brings her to church.

Because it was Easter, I didn't want to miss the chance to dress Ella in her Easter dress and get her ready so I ended up going early to do my cafe stuff, then came home so that I could get Ella all dressed and ready, and we went to the 10am service instead.

Some pictures of my sweet girl in her Easter dress before church

After church Mom and Glenn, Dad and Donna, and Erin and Josh all came over to our house to celebrate Easter. We set up an egg hunt for Ella in the backyard and she loved it!

She found all of her eggs and then we went inside and she got many Easter goodies from everyone!

Discovering the joy of her first Robin's Egg (yummm)

Ella got pretty sleepy and wanted her nap, so she slept while the rest of us ate brunch. Everyone headed home in the afternoon but Ella kept wondering where all her buddies went!

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Mom said...

What a wonderful weekend that was! Great pictures!