Friday, April 9, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

Ella was so much fun for egg dying this year. She thought it was pretty amazing and really liked the whole thing. The only problem she had was cracking just about every single egg she got her hands on - she just couldn't seem to help herself. She'd be carefully handling the egg and then all of a sudden just slam it against the table or knock 2 eggs into each other. It was as if she forget every time, and then she got really sad that she had done it.

Ready to go

Steve showing Ella how it's done

Is it ready??

Oh my, I can barely believe it!!

Can't help but hugging Daddy!

Coloring an egg

Hmm, not so sure about the dye on her fingers!

Good stuff!

Erin's prized egg

Ella checking out the prized egg (...and then she cracked it!)

Getting sleepy

All done and escaping her smock

Little lovebug

It was really neat, I still love dying eggs, and it's so much fun with Ella here to show her everything and see how much she enjoys it all.

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Mom said...

...and when she would crack them, and we would laugh and she would try not to cry? Sad and sweet at the same precious!