Friday, April 9, 2010

I love...

I have been waiting anxiously for the day when Ella would say "I love you." She is super affectionate and always gives tons of kisses and hugs and other sweet things, but whenever we say "I love you" to her, she just smiles and nods. Sometimes she'll blow a kiss, but that's it. When I ask her "how much does Mommy love you?", she will say "SOOOOOOOOOOO much" - but still, no "love". Well - all that has changed!

On Saturday night, I was getting ready to drive Ella back home and Mom was saying goodbye to her in her car seat. Mom said "I love you Ella" and I said to Ella, "can you say 'love you Grammy'?" and Ella said "I do!". We were so excited and I said - "awww, you love Grammy, that is so sweet!" and then Ella said "luffff" - it was AWESOME, I could barely believe it! She kept saying it "love, love". Be still my heart!

The next day she started saying "I love", and then today she is saying "I love Mommy" - aaah, I do not think there are 3 better words out there!

We are still waiting on the "I love you" combination but in the meantime we are "luffing" the "I loves"!!


Jennifer said...

that gave me goose bumps!!!

Mom said...

I can't wait to hear it! I luff you, Ella!