Tuesday, December 8, 2009


One of my favorite parts of the day is putting Ella to sleep at night. Since Steve is home with her during the day, it's almost always me who gives Ella a bath and then does the nighttime routine.

First we say goodnight to all the animals downstairs - here's a video clip from a month or so ago, telling Nomar good night (I'm not really sure why goodnight involved a washcloth on this particular night..)

She loves the bath and is always in such a good mood after, super silly, and lots of fun. She smells so yummy and her hair is so cute when it's all wet and she is totally adorable in her jammies. She runs to give Steve a kiss and hug (or several) goodnight, then runs back into her room, picks up a book, and taps the chair for me to get into it so she can climb in my lap to start reading.

At some point during reading, she decides she is getting sleepy, and asks for her "beppy" - which is her binky. She now needs TWO binkies to go to sleep, one to hold and one in her mouth, plus her favorite purple blanky. So, I load her up with both binkies and purple blankie, then we read some more.

Once it's time for her to get in her crib, I put her in there and she stands up, gives me a great kiss and hug, then gets herself all settled in.

Here's a video of some pre-sleep preparations

And saying "night-night"

Happy little girl

Air kisses

Could she be any sweeter???

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Mom said...

No, she couldn't be sweeter. Sleeping on Snoopy? ahhhh....