Monday, December 14, 2009

Ella is 23 Months

Ella turned 23 months last Friday, December 5. Here are many random tidbits about Ella this month for her 23 month update!

One of the funniest things about Ella right now is how she notices, and gets VERY concerned about, things that are out of place. She will point out the problem and talk about it no less than 50 times.

Here is a conversation from last week - We're driving in the car and she finishes the cup of milk she's drinking. She shakes the cup at me but since I'm driving, I can't see, so instead she starts signing "more", which I STILL don't see (again, b/c I'm driving and mostly facing forward), so then she says out loud "more." I turn around and say "You need more milk. We're on our way home and as soon as we get home, we'll get some more milk". Ella, nods, happily: "tay, home" (tay means okay). 2 seconds later, as if she just ran out of milk and realized she needs more this minute - "More?" (repeat above...)

She now wants us to be a part of her playing so she'll tell us what to do, where to sit, etc., while she's playing. She tries to do the same thing with the pets but they're not as willing to go along with the rules! She says "mom-my, mom-my, mom-my" (always 3 times) and points to my assigned seat.

No new teeth this month, so she's still at 11 teeth altogether. 4 up top, 3 on the bottom, and 1 molar on each side, top and bottom. She's doing great with letting me brush her teeth because I started a new routine of singing songs while I brush her teeth, but stop as soon as she closes her mouth. It works like a charm!

She's still a size 4 in diapers, 18M in clothes, and 5 in shoes.

We still go to Little Gym every Saturday and after class she always gets stamps on her hands, feet and tummy. Last weekend it was cold and I put her in a long-sleeve onesie under a sweatshirt and it was the first onesie in a while. After class was over, she got her hands and feet stamped like always, but couldn't get her shirt up to get the stamps on her tummy. She kept tugging on it, trying to figure it out, but it wouldn't budge. I got her to come over and put her shoes on, but knew she'd still be thinking about that stamp. A minute or two later, she walks up to Miss Shellie, climbs up on her lap, and starts playing with her hair, then gives her a hug. I was just waiting for her to start talking about the fact that she didn't get stamp on her tummy. Wouldn't you know, a second later, she's pulling on her shirt again wanting that stamp! Miss Shellie gave her a sticker that she could put on her tummy on the shirt, but it just wasn't the same. She didn't cry or fuss at all, but just talked and talked and talked about it (in Ellanese of course).

Lately she hates it when I wear a ponytail. She will point at it, be very upset, and fuss until I take it out, then gets really happy. I have no idea where this came from, it's quite an odd behavior.

Now that she is such a big girl, she likes to point out babies and say "baby" when she sees them.

Her new favorite food is clementines, she can eat an entire clementine and has even eaten 2 at a time. She also loves apples, rice, pasta, corn, cottage cheese, yogurt, cookies, crackers, and macaroni and cheese.

I started giving her a Flintstones vitamin every day and she loves it. The only problem is she always wants more and I have to say every day that she can only have one a day.

Her favorite books right now are Very Busy Spider, and a little people School Bus book. In that one, she is amazed by a picture of a tambourine on a shelf and wants to look at it over and over. She likes pointing to all the things that she can name and me asking her questions and her pointing to the object.

At the risk of jinxing my luck, I'm happy to say that she has not hit me, or anyone else, in several weeks (small victories!).

She can't pass by a wall-mounted hand sanitizer without an overwhelming urge to have her hands cleaned, and the same when she sees hand soap - she rubs her hands together to show that she wants me to wash her hands.

I've given her some chapstick before and call it lipstick, and there is some in the nightstand next to my side of the bed. She'll head right over to the drawer and start motioning to her lips that she needs some 'lipstick.'

Now she can walk up and down the stairs by herself holding on to the railing and often wants to do it by herself - when I try to hold her hand she says NO, NO, NOOO!

She has such a funny way of saying goodbye now and it's like "BWHY, BWHY" and she says it many times in a row.

She can be soooo silly - she'll do such funny things and then when we start laughing it just eggs her on and she'll start laughing and do it over and over.

Ella pretty much runs everywhere instead of walking - her run is so cute because she puts her arms out straight to get started, and it's more up and down then moving forward, but she just bustles all over the house at top speed.

She loves playing outside, especially in her new sand table and slide from Grampy Glenn. A lot of her outside playing is just wandering around the backyard, but it keeps her amazingly entertained. She says "out" over and over in case we've missed the message that she wants to play outside. If that doesn't work, she says "Shoes" so that we'll put her shoes on, which she knows is a precursor to going outside.

She loves helping - she'll throw things in the garbage, clean up spills, pick up toys and things off the floor, carry things to the fridge, etc. When I ask if she wants to help, she yells "TAY" and runs right over.

I know I say it every month, but she just gets more and more affectionate. She has times where she's in the middle of eating even and leans forward and puckers her mouth for a kiss. It's the sweetest thing ever. When I kiss Steve goodbye in the morning she starts smacking her lips together so that I'll come give her a kiss (like I'd forget that!!) Her hugs and kisses are like little treats.

She likes singing and will sing funny songs that only she understands. She also thinks it's funny now to say "meow, meow, meow" when I ask her a question. It makes her laugh to do it. I'll say something like "alright Ella, let's go change your diaper" - she'll look at me and grin and say "meow, meow, meow" and crack up laughing.

New words this month (in reverse order):
bottle (bah-bah)
play (pway)
home (she says this every time we pull into the driveway)
TV (Vee-Tee)
I want
tea (for her teaset)
okay (TAY, always said with great flourish)
banana (anana)
mama see (= mommy, let me see)
want dadda (= I want daddy to hold me)
apple (app-app)
poo (pooh bear)
cory (coer)
three (fee)
please (peease)
beebee (how she says binky now)
potty (pah-ee)
pop - for popsicles
elbow - she was hugging my elbow when I was changing her into pajamas and kept saying "belbow"
where'd it go?

For a while when I asked her "what's your name?", she'd point to herself and say "me" or "I'm me". She now says "Ella" but pronounces it so deliberately - like "ll-la" and rolls her tongue. She'll point to pictures on the fridge and say "dada", "mommy" and "Ella" for who she sees in each one.

It's so fun communicating now and trying to talk back and forth. Something that's really amazing is how much I understand what it is that she's trying to say without her really saying it. There are definitely times when she gets so frustrated because we can't understand her, but also times when I surprise myself with knowing what it is she's trying to say.

Some 23 month pictures:


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