Monday, May 4, 2009

Exotic Animal Show

On Sunday we took Ella to the Exotic Animal Show at the fairgrounds. Since she pretty much gets a huge kick out of anything that moves and has fur, I figured she'd have a good time.

There was an alligator that you could touch but instead Ella would get really close, scream with delight, and then bury her head in Steve's shoulder -

The bunnies were more her speed -

Enjoying her first drink of lemonade...I honestly think she drank half of this cup herself, you would've thought she was a camel and hadn't drank in 3 months, she is definitely a lemonade fan!


There were tons of snakes, lizards and other reptiles - there was a crocodile show that I wanted to see but Ella wanted no part of that (because it involved sitting still for a while of course).

These scorpions, although you can't tell on this picture, were a bright, bright blue color, very interesting.

Pretty neat tortoises, it was hard to see them from far away

There were also some kangaroos and some other mammals I hadn't seen before, but mostly reptiles. Steve even had a dream with snakes in it last night - hah!

Here is a little sleeping angel on the way home

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Mom said...

She is WORN OUT!!!!! That is so cute. What a perfect doll.