Friday, October 16, 2015

Trip to Las Vegas

Steve and I took a trip to Las Vegas in September and we had so, so, much fun. Mom watched the girls for us and all went great back at home, which made it even easier to relax and enjoy ourselves on our trip.

On Friday night we went out for sushi and saw a show called Abysnthe. The show was amazing - acrobats, amazing acts and funny, all at the same time. We loved it. 

We saw Jerry Seinfeld on Saturday night. He was hysterical and we laughed and laughed. 

In our hotel casino at Mandalay Bay. We played black jack on Sunday night and I won a few hundred dollars!

View from our room

This was our first trip since Dottie was born and it was so nice to get away and have time together. And I'm so grateful that we have mom to watch the girls and that all went well for them while we were gone. 

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sharon said...

How nice! Great pix of you two...beautiful couple. I LOVE you both!