Thursday, October 22, 2015

October Pics, Part 1

Dottie looking adorable

I love this one

A pre-school science experiment

Dottie and her bunny

She's always talking!

While Ella was away at her Girl Scout campout, we went out to lunch with Dottie

So adorable in the tub

Snuggling with her bunny in bed!

Standing up and having fun with that beauty in the mirror

Ella enjoyed making a "jail for skeletons"

I had to drive out to Austin for work and ended up driving by a big wildfire in Bastrop. The smoke was really something, I could see it for miles. 

Mom took this one, I just love it!

Playing with Grammy

And one of her new favorite hobbies - climbing up the stairs

At the playground

She lost another tooth! With her note to the tooth fairy, asking for real fairy dust...(which the fairy did not bring...)

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sharon said...

Darn, that Tooth Fairy! Beautiful girls!