Friday, October 16, 2015

September Pics

One of those mornings before school when she was just too cute not to take a picture!

Dottie is the little mascot of Ella's brownie troop :)

We ended up with a special weekday sleepover - the girls did great together, and to say Ella was thrilled is an extreme understatement! 

One of Ella's new tricks

At Parent Night for Ella's school I got to read a few pages of Ella's journal - so, so cute!

We had a huge, huge milestone - we dropped off Ella and Dottie at the childcare at the gym, and Dottie had no tears! This was the first time we tried dropping Dottie off at any type of childcare and I was fully expecting the childcare ladies to come find me after about 10 minutes. But we were so pleasantly surprised, she did great and played with Ella the whole time. 

This huge bird hung out on our ladder for a while, he was really pretty and neat to watch. When he finally flew away, he had a huge wingspan 

Adorable sisters

Ella's after school routine

And my favorite part is the "go visit mom" section :)

She loves the mirror!

This cracked me up!

"pot on a tato" = "put on a tattoo" - ha!

Fun at the playground

Grammy with the little ladies

Face-off with Cory

Adorable girl on picture day

Bittersweet -- nursing this sweet baby for the last time

Brownie trip to the Urgent Care

First Aid meeting at the scout house

Even though she missed Clinefest this year, she still showed her spirit every Wednesday

She was SOOOO happy when her American Girl bike from Grammy arrived for Felicity

Helping me get all the food ready for a cooking workshop

Happy girl

Dottie wants to do everything that Ella is doing. Ella was eating an apple and she HAD to give it a try

Dressed up as "the joker"

Precious meaty girl!

Making a "nature stew" after a walk

She made these gel worms during her Spectacular Science class and played with them for days

Dottie pulling up!

Ella mastering her dive!

Family Breakfast at school

And Dottie pushing her walking toy - she's getting so big!!

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sharon said...

Oh my goodness!! So much precious-ness here...the missing teeth, the meaty baby, the drawings...too, too wonderful. Great pix and videos.