Thursday, October 15, 2015

First Week of 2nd Grade

Ella started second grade on Monday, August 24th. 

These kisses are the absolute sweetest :)

Walking to school

In her classroom, time for us to say good-bye 

They lucked out because her teacher let them pick their seats to start the year. She's got a friend from the bus on one side of her, friend from first grade on the other side, and friend from kindergarten right across from her. We'll see if they manage to stay sitting next to each other but so far, so good!

Second day of school, first day of riding the bus. Even though our mornings are earlier during the school year which means less sleep for all of us, I really do enjoy the time alone with her in the mornings while Dottie is still asleep. 

Ella made this in school -- so, so, so sweet!!

Unfortunately she woke up with pink eye on Wednesday, and missed her 3rd day of school. She felt pretty good though and managed to teach herself a new trick!

Ready for a new year of gymnastics

And giving Dottie a ride on "the tornado!"

Ella's doing great in second grade so far. She has a lot more homework than she did in first grade, and is really learning a lot. She loves her teachers and her friends, and looks forward to every day. Her favorite subject is social studies, and she's really good at spelling. Her reading ability has really taken off and she now enjoys reading to herself, which is awesome to see. I'm so proud of her and so glad that she's had such a great school experience to this point, and I hope it continues. 

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Sweet, sweet girls!