Monday, October 19, 2015

Ella's Brownie Campout

Ella had her first overnight campout with Brownies in October. Saying she was excited for it is a massive understatement - she could barely sleep the week before and talked about nothing but the campout. 

At one of her troop meetings leading up to it, they learned to roll their sleeping bags and make knots

All packed on Saturday morning and ready to go

With Julia and Jocelyn at drop-off

Happy girls

Pics from the Camp Site

In addition to crafts, water fun, and the color run, they had a campfire, cooked meals, did skits and sang songs, made smores, and just had a really good time together. She absolutely loved it. 

Finally asleep - it was 11:30 pm :)

They made it! Tired but happy the next morning

Her next campout is in March and she is already looking forward to it!

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sharon said...

That looks awesome; God bless the Scout leader!