Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Post-Christmas Fun

Working on her new Rainbow Loom

Proud of her first bracelets!

We went downtown to Discovery Green so that we could ice skate at the outdoor rink. Steve and Mom opted for some off-ice bonding, and Glenn, Ella and I hit the ice!

It was really fun. There is obviously no real ice here so ice skating is not a common activity like it was growing up in NJ, so I like the chance to still get to do it once in a while. Ella is funny, she gets so mad at herself for not being good at it, but she really did well for being her 3rd time ever skating. Our last lap was very good and that's the one she has talked about the most since, so that's a good thing.

Running through the fountains

Texas' largest mistletoe

The exhibit in the greenway

That night we had some 'girl talk' with Grammy while Ella got ready for bed. She was very excited and said "let's go upstairs and chat, just my girls" -- I don't know where she comes up with this stuff!

With Grammy on Friday

Mom left for Charlotte, and Glenn watched Ella for me that afternoon so that I could work. 

Checking out corvettes!

After breakfast with Grampy the next morning

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