Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Years Eve

We had the Callaways over for New Year's Eve, and had so much fun ringing in the new year together.  I tried to get Ella to take a nap during the day so she'd be able to make it until midnight, but she just couldn't fall asleep. I finally gave up, and here is the explanation she gave me: "Mommy, I just can't sleep in the daylight. It's like bats. You can't ask a bat to sleep at night, and you can't ask Ella to sleep during the daylight." Alright then, no nap for this little one on New Year's Eve!
Her New Years poster

All dressed up for the big occasion

The kids got tired a few hours after dinner, so we put them in their jammies so they could rest a bit before it was time for the big countdown.
 The ball drop on TV here is still the NY ball, so you can watch it live at 11pm instead of midnight. We decided the kids were going to celebrate East Coast New Year!
Getting close!

Ella and James were just so excited, it was awesome. Here's a video of our final countdown!

We put the kids down a few minutes after their New Years toast of shirley temples, and then the adults stayed up a few more hours playing Taboo. We slept in a little bit the next day and had a play date with friends in the afternoon. Such a perfect start to 2014!

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sharon said...

Very cool! Ella looks very fancy in her New Year's dress and very cozy in her sleeper.:)