Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Eve

Mom had arrived here the Thursday before Christmas, but unfortunately was sick and so we didn't get to spend time with her the first several days she was here. Glenn arrived late Monday night after a much-delayed flight. But by the time Christmas Eve rolled around, everyone was present and accounted for and ready to join in the festivities.

Making a gingerbread house (this was a pre-made kit from the store, about 1000% easier than our homemade gingerman adventure)

Our finished product

Cory's grooming appointment

Ready to go to church

 In some ways I like Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day - all the pre-Christmas excitement but without any chaos, a special day and night with family, beautiful church service, and the time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and be grateful for all that God has given us.  

We let Ella open one present on Christmas Eve and she picked out this gift from Mom - it's a barbie car that she loves playing with

After a big day, we got Ella to bed at a reasonable time so that Santa could come do his work!

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sharon said...

Oh man; GREAT pictures!! What a great day it was!