Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moody Gardens

Ella and I went down to Moody Gardens in Galveston for the day the Thursday after New Years. The Festival of Lights was still going on in the evenings, so I was hoping we'd luck out and there wouldn't be a crowd during the day, which is exactly how it turned out!
We got there right after they opened and headed to the Rainforest pyramid.
Ella loved this sea lion. He swam right in front of her and did a little show for her 

 It was so neat inside the rainforest. We saw beautiful birds, flowers, plants, butterflies, and even some monkeys who were really active


Later we came to a photo booth and Ella wanted us to take pictures. For some reason the camera caught a glare on my tooth and gave me a completely green tooth! Ella found this hysterical, hung the picture up in her room, and even brought it into school to show her class this week.
And a good one!
This is her "I'm so surprised because I just got turned into a frog!" face

Later in the afternoon we went over the Discovery pyramid which has a hands-on music exhibit with a bunch of sound-proof booths
Singing into the microphone
This was really funny. These are Whisper Pipes that you can talk in to. Ella got a big surprise when someone on the other side of the museum started talking back to her!

We had so much fun there, it was a great outing and really fun day together.

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