Thursday, April 11, 2013

Writing, Pictures and Schoolwork

I did some major cleanout of a few bins of Ella's papers and projects a few weeks ago, here are some pictures of some of my favorites.
A sweet Valentine's Day picture

Practicing writing her letters and numbers
Math worksheets
Two types of outdoor creatures she does not like!

Learning about patterns
She drew and cut this out herself

Cute drawings
Ella watering our garden

A story she 'wrote' during computer time at little sweetness.
Teacher Comments on her Assessments & Happy Grams-
10/23/12: Ella is so sweet. She is kind to her friends and plays well with the other children. She does well in math and can match up the numbers to the amount of objects. I look forward to seeing her grow.
12/21/12: Ella is always quick to make sure that no one is left out when there is free play. She is able to write her letters during our reading lessons.
2/2013: When asked to clean up the playdoh, Ella jumped right up and started to pick up all of the pieces off the floor. Great listening ears, Ella.
3/11/13: Ella is a delightful and wise child whom I love having in my class. She is a fast learner and remembers what she has learned. She is polite and respectful. Ella knows many of her letter sounds and is really good at rhyming!

Happy Grams from school:

Hurray for Ella! She has been working on not writing her 3s backwards, and today I saw her write her 3s correctly. Way to go!

Ella, thank you so much for being such a good listener and following our "Rules of the Roost." You are awesome. Keep it up!

Ella was able to identify cylinders and rectangular prisms in math today. Way to go Ella!

Ella memorized her phone number and was able to recite it at circle time without any help! Way to go, Ella!

During math today, Ella used the word "equal" to describe the heights of two students. This was a word we discussed on Friday, and she recalled the word and used it correctly with no prompting. Good learning, Ella!


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