Tuesday, April 30, 2013

San Francisco Vacation

We went on vacation to San Francisco with Steve's brother's family for a week, during their spring break at the beginning of April. Steve's brother Craig was presenting at a conference for work so we decided to make a vacation out of it and meet there. It was our first time visiting San Francisco and it was an absolutely fantastic week!

I sat by the window on the flight there and we had some amazing views, I took some neat pictures from the plane. I had never seen farmland like this, I wish I knew which route our plane had taken because I am still so curious about where we were.

We flew over the Rockies, this is the only snow we got to see this year, Ella was very excited to see it!

At the airport in San Francisco, so excited to have arrived!

We all stayed together in a great apartment near Golden Gate Park

Ella loved, loved, loved spending the time with her cousins, it was non-stop fun for the whole week. I have many, many pics to follow from the week, but here a few cute pics from the apartment

Lots of fun with Cammi and Max

Thrilled to be holding Max

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