Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Muir Woods

On Monday morning we all headed up to Muir Woods to see the Redwoods.

It was our first time driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, and so foggy, it was hard to see the bridge clearly, even when we were on it

The drive up to Muir Woods was beautiful, here are some pictures from the Pacific Highway

At Muir Woods

The redwoods were really amazing, they were the top of our 'must see' list for our trip, and I was not disappointed. The trees were beautiful, the setting so peaceful and enjoyable, and lots of neat things to see as we walked the trail. It rained off and on so it almost felt like we were in a rain forest at some points.

Ella and Cammi in a giant tree trunk that had been burned out by lightning

It was a bit sunnier on our drive home so we stopped to take some more pictures, these were from the Panoramic Highway in Mill Valley.