Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Picture Post

Ella riding her bike up the sidewalk toward our house

On the seesaw with James at the playground

Swinging across the monkey bars all by herself!

Trying out her roller skates from Grandma and Grandad for the first time! 
Cutting roses to bring inside
Adorable buddies 

Asleep and snuggling with Cory

We had an overnight adventure a few weeks ago for Founders Day, a West Point alumni function in uptown that we went to with the Burtons. We got adjoining rooms and Ella and Jake had such a blast together, it was party time!

Crimped hair - I braided it wet and Ella slept in the braids, and loved her 'do in the morning :)
Having fun at a gymnastics birthday party

We went to our first crawfish boil!
And after!

Over the week of spring break for the public school calendar, Ella's school had free dress for the week (no uniforms) and she was so excited to pick out her clothes for school each day. The first day I tried to steer her to at least pick out a few things that matched, and she said very logically, "Mommy, it's my free dress day, not yours."
The result?
Our first red strawberry!


sharon said...

What an adventurous, happy, perfect little girl!

Dad said...

Ella is quite the "jockette"! Way to go Ella!