Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One of those moments

Ella is learning about recycling this week in school and was all fired up to do a project where she wanted to make her own recycling bin (that is separate from our main bin, will be decorated by her, and only she can use) and wanted me to give her recycling items for her bin. Unfortunately today was recycling day so there was nothing readily available. She didn't like my answer, and told me she really need them for "her science", so I should pour out our milk, water and juice to give her the bottles for her bin. When I said no to that she opened the pantry to look for some cardboard boxes (still full of food)!  Next, she came up with the idea that we could collect items from outside for this project. This seemed a lot better to me than having to dump all our drinks down the drain, so outside we went.

Ella carried a plastic bag and eagerly collected all kinds of things - pine cones, sticks, leaves, acorns, flowers and then some newspapers. We had some extra time before I needed to finish cooking dinner, so we decided to walk up to the playground with Cory. We were about halfway there, and then all of a sudden Ella said, "ooh, I'm going to get some exercise", and took off in a run up the sidewalk.

She was running as fast as she could go, pumping her arms, curls flying, swinging the bag of goodies she'd collected. I held my tongue against yelling out for her to be careful running, and instead I watched her run up the sidewalk and I had one of 'those moments.' I just watched her and reflected on what a wonderful little person she is - her enthusiasm, her joy, her perserverence, her sweetness, her cleverness and fun personality, I could go on and on. She is just such an awesome little girl and I am so blessed to be her mom.

A pic from the playground a few minutes later --


Dad said...

Ella has provided so many great moments so far and I'm sure she will provide so many, many more! Thanks for the post!

sharon said...

I had a "moment" just reading this. You are a terrific Mom and she IS a perfect little person! You all make me very proud.