Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gymnastics Show

Ella's mid-season gymnastics show was the week before Christmas, and it's the only time we're able to go in the gym and watch her instead of just watching through the glass, so it is definitely my favorite week of class :). She is on the go the entire time so I mostly failed in my attempts to get good pictures of her, but did manage a few!

Looking adorable before class

During the warm-up

Video of her jumping into the pit at the bottom of the slide

Forward roll

With her ribbon at the end of class

After class they were able to have some free time in the gym, so she went right to the bar to do some flips

I love watching her during class - she has so much fun with the other kids, enjoys all the activities and is so proud of herself for all the neat tricks she learns (now if only I could just learn a way to keep the trick-practicing off the couch...)

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