Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Afternoon at Kemah

On the Sunday afternoon that Dad and Donna were here before Christmas, we took them down to Kemah to enjoy some time outside and visit the boardwalk.

Ella with Grandma and Grandad

The 3 of us

Playing the fishing game, she won!

Ella and Grandma on the Red Baron

To me, the most memorable event of the day was going on a ride "Wipeout" with Ella. It's definitely in the 'big ride' category. You have to be 42" to ride, and she just barely made it, but was really set on going on it. It started out slowly but really picked up and even I thought it was a 'big ride'. She was loving it at the beginning and even put her hands up in the air but then it got really jerky and wild and she got really scared and was screaming. I held her really tight and was just wishing it would be over ASAP because she was so scared, but then I was able to distract her with some "I Spy", and trying to look out over the water and see it every time we passed by. She ended up calming down and did have fun at the end of it.

Even though you can't really see us on the ride, this definitely shows you what it was like!

When we got off, Ella said she did NOT want to do it again - but I'm betting she will change her mind the next time we go back :)

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sharon said...

Poor baby! I bet she was scared!!