Monday, December 31, 2012

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We started our Christmas decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving, and put the tree up when Mom was here. Ella found the Santa hat we got her when she was a baby in one of the boxes and squeezed it on her head ...perfect fit :)

With her stocking

 Decorating the tree

Setting up her nativity with Grammy

Steve put up lights out back by the pool and it looked so pretty between all the lights from the tree and the backyard lights!

And our lights out front

There is something so beautiful about Christmas lights - I love them so much, I wish we could leave them up all year long :)

Hanging her stocking

Painting an ornament

Box of Christmas goodies from Grampy G

Steve and Ella making their annual gingerbread creation

Lots of pre-Christmas fun around here!

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