Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where's my goody bag?

I took Ella to her 5-year doctor's appointment this morning and she kept me entertained the entire time.  She views everything as an opportunity for fun and adventure, and this was no exception.

Some highlights:

- The doctor let her listen to own heart (which she LOVED) and then she let her wear the stethescope for the remainder of her appointment, and spent most of her time trying to listen to the doctor's heart
- She asked to keep the disposable piece that goes on the ear-light (yuck, but I figured at least it's her own ear germs on there...)
- She asked for some tongue depressors to take home
- She told the doctor that she wishes her playroom had more of the things in the doctor's room
-She was not impressed with the sticker selection and settled on some train stickers that were not her favorites

But my favorite moment came after the appointment; we were in the parking lot, and she had her hands full with stickers, tongue depressors, ear-light thing, and a few other treasures she had brought in to the appointment.

She says to me very enthusiastically "well, that was great - but I do wish they had given me a goody bag for all my new stuff!"

Always an adventure with this one :)

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Mom said...

That's so funny. It's so great that she has such a positive outlook on life and even a doc appt is a fun experience. What a perfect little kid.