Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Day

Ah, Christmas at last!

The big morning finally arrived, and Ella was up and ready to go! She came down very excited to see everything that Santa had brought her. Steve had misaligned the fireplace grate and she was fascinated by the evidence that Santa had come down the chimney ...

Santa had eaten all his treats and left only a few crumbs, and a note to Ella, along with the reindeer bell from Comet (a last minute Christmas-Eve request of Santa)

Between Ella's presents from Santa, Steve & I, Grandma and Grandad, and the rest of our family who had so thoughtfully sent gifts for the little lady, she had it made!

Spreading Christmas cheer!


Playing with Grandad on Christmas afternoon

We had appetizers in the afternoon and then a big dinner, and then watched Beauty & the Beast that night. Before bed, Ella told me that Christmas was her favorite day of the year :) 
After all of our pre-Christmas fun, it's always a little sad to see it come and go, but then we had Ella's birthday to look forward to!

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