Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs the day before Easter. Ella was a pro this year and was very excited to get to work!

Very proud of her egg

Ella does this adorable thing where she puts her hand up to her mouth like she's telling a secret. I think it is so charming and Steve caught it in this picture, so I had to include it. She does the same thing where she puts her hand up to her ear and she'll say "what?" when she can't hear us and wants us to repeat ourselves.

Steve and I dyed several of them, Ella of course was the master decorator and re-colored all of ours. She had me laughing so hard. No matter what color we had done ours, writing, stickers, whatever - she took every one and put in the purple dye. So - they all ended up looking pretty similar :)

The finished products - check out those not-so-multicolored beauties :)


Aunt Erin said...

Beautiful purple-ish eggs!

Mom said...

Awww...there'll all so pretty! It makes me happy to see her coloring eggs; the traditions go on. That's so cool.