Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kemah Take 2

This past Sunday, we went to church nearby that we're trying out. I went the Sunday before by myself, so I could check out the kids area first, and thought it looked Ella-worthy and liked everything else, and so the three of us went on Sunday morning. Ella liked the Children's Church and Steve and I like several other things about it so far, so we will go a few more times and then decide if we want to keep going or check out somewhere else.

Anyway, after church Steve took Ella to the boardwalk for a second chance at the rides since she didn't get to go on any the first time. They had a great afternoon and Ella got her fill of the rides :)

A few pics that Steve took of their afternoon -

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Mom said...

That really looks like fun. That's very cool to be so close to rides and the water.