Thursday, April 19, 2012


Tuesday afternoon was the closing for the sale of our house - hooray!! We had a bunch of showings within the first few weeks it was on the market and got an offer on St. Patrick's Day (good day for the luck of the Irish). The buyers wanted a 30-day close so it went from being listed to being sold within 2 months.

We worked so hard to get it ready, and so it was really rewarding to sell it quickly. I was nervous about it being for sale with me so far away not to be able to check on it before showings, so I was really hoping we'd get an offer before we moved. Which didn't happen, but we got it two days after we moved, pretty close :).

It is such a relief to have sold it and since we are in our apartment lease for the next four months, we have plenty of time to really get to know the area and find our next home. There are so many different towns and neighborhoods to consider so I'm glad we can take our time and do our research.

On a related note - Mom & Glenn are selling their house near ours since we've moved. They put it up for sale on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. That Sunday morning, I got a text from Molly, the Marketing Lead on my team, asking me what my parents' address was, because they had gone to see a townhouse in the neighborhood out that morning, seen an chair with "Ella" embrodiered on it, and figured it had to be theirs.

I had known she was house hunting and had referred her to the neighborhood to check out a different house that I know the owners of, and they have put a ton of work into it, so I thought it'd be worth checking out. I mentioned that my parents were selling theirs as well but that it was a townhouse, and I thought they were only considering single-family homes.

Anyway, Molly said they really liked it and that it was their second choice at that point, and I of course didn't want to pressure her, or give my opinion about it either way, but then a few days later she told me that they had been back to see it again, it was now their first choice, and were going to make an offer on it!

Everything worked out, and they are closing in mid-May. So, not only am I so happy for Mom & Glenn that they were able to sell their house in one week, they sold it to someone on my team, and who I am so happy for her to have the house because it has so many great memories and I love knowing that it's going to her. It's her first house and I know they'll love it there.

I know that there are coincidences and that many times things 'just happen' - but to me, these two events really show me that this is indeed the plan that God has for all of us, that he's holding us all in His hands, and paving the way for our future. It's been a very twisty turny road, and I am very grateful for any confirmation that we're on the right path.


Aunt Erin said...

Congratulations! So many great blessings!

Dad said...

Yeah for Ella, Steve, & Colleen!!! Very happy for you!

Mom said...

I agree that it's God's plan; and it relieves my concerns to know that God is at work in all of this.