Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend in Charlotte

The weekend after Labor Day, Kelly flew in from Boston on Thursday afternoon, and the next afternoon we headed to Charlotte. Kelly hadn't met Cameron yet, and Gee Gee flew in from Ocean City for the weekend as well. We were really excited for the trip and it was so great to see everyone for a fun weekend.

Ella reunited at last with "her baby Cammy"

Could he be any cuter??

Ella and Gee-Gee

Kelly with snuggly Cameron

Erin with Cameron and Ella

Josh and Cameron

Grammy and Cameron

Grampy G and Cameron

On Saturday afternoon we went to a local winery. Glenn drove all of us there in the van, and hung out with Ella so we could fully focus on the wine! The wines were good but the best part were wine slushies that are frozen drinks made with wine - they were delicious!!

Lucky Kelly!!

Mom and Gee-Gee - Plus Ella - she was not supposed to be in this picture but ran in because no photo could possibly be complete without this lovely little lady!

Kelly, Mom and Gee-Gee all flew out on Sunday, I was not ready for the weekend to end, but so, so glad we all got together!

On Sunday afternoon, Erin, Josh and Cameron and Ella and I met up with Dad and Donna for lunch at a restaurant nearby

Granddad and Cameron

Grandma with 2 wild grand-kiddos

My sweet girl

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