Sunday, October 23, 2011

State Fair

Last Sunday afternoon we took Ella to the State Fair. Steve and I had gone once before, when we lived in Fayetteville, and hadn't really had the desire to go back since then. But this year, since Ella had such a great time on rides at the beach this summer, we thought she'd really enjoy it.

It was the opening weekend, beautiful weather, and very, very crowded, but a lot of fun. We went on a bunch of rides, Ella played a few games, and we ate fair food - we even tried a deep fried snickers bar which didn't taste anything like I expected, but still neat to try.

Ella went on this roller coaster by herself - when I saw that she was going to have to sit next to a big boy I thought she might change her mind, but she did great, and loved the ride.

A video of Ella and I going down the big slide. The best part of this is hearing her loud screams all the way down!

In the "mac and cheese" cups (instead of teacups)

Playing the water shooting game

Me and my baby


Aunt Erin said...

What a fun day and what a lucky little girl!

Mom said...

Just precious, all three of you.