Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preschool Block Party

This past Friday was Ella's school block party and her class was finally going to perform the planets song after practicing it for several weeks! I was so excited to see Ella sing it. She gave me a scare a few days before because when I mentioned to her how I couldn't wait to watch her sing it she said to me, "oh no, I'm not going to sing, I'm just going to sit with you instead" -- aahhh, no!! So I got a little nervous when before it was time for the big performance there was a lot of "one more hug and kiss" instead of sitting with her group...

But when it was time to sing she got in her spot and was ready to go!

The kids did great. They all really knew the song and everyone sang it, it was precious!

Here is a video of the big performance - it's actually several different clips stuck together which is why there it skips it several places, but you can definitely get the gist!

Besides the 3-year old classes singing about the planets, the Pre-K class did a cute little skit, the 2-year olds did a dance, and the babies had a costume parade, it was all so cute to watch.

With Daddy in her new classroom

Getting her face painted

Going down the slide on the playground

With Gillian - two happy little kitty cats!

With my sweet girl

Ella was so happy with her painted face that she wanted to keep it the rest of the night. We went out to dinner and she asked no less than 5 strangers, "hey, did you see my kitty cat face?" Ha!

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