Friday, October 21, 2011

Picture Post

Looking so cute on a rainy day

In the movie theater to see The Lion King

All ready for her first day in her new classroom at school

Showing off her skeletons from Grammy

In her skeleton sweatshirt (never mind that this is a boys sweatshirt, about three sizes too big - she HAD to have it - enough said!)

Making a recipe for Chloe, her toy caterpillar / glowing creature. On this afternoon he was hungry for cat food and milk, yum. Ella instantly fell in love with Chloe and had to have him and has taken good care of him for about two weeks now, but last night told me that I should bring him back to the store because he keeps getting caught in her hair.

Playing with Cory

On the new playground in our neighborhood

All dressed up

Making lemonade

Little buddies

With her crew

Future fashion designer? Beautiful gown made of glitter paper! (and some lipstick on her chin)

Big hug for Avni

Really beautiful sky one evening

Saying goodbye to Gillian after gymnastics class

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Aunt Erim said...

What a cute post. So many fun activities! I can't believe she saw the Lion King! Did it scare her at all?