Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gymnastics Videos

I haven't taken any picture at gymnastics in a while, so I took some videos with my phone of Ella last night. Some are from pretty far away so aren't great, but she's in the bright green leotard.

Hanging from the bar

YouTube Video

Doing her little circuit

YouTube Video

Back flip on the rings...but she lets go!

YouTube Video

Jump roll - she wouldn't do it until she was positive she had Miss Dallas's attention

YouTube Video

I love watching her at her class each week. It's amazing to see how much she enjoys it, and how much more confidence she has in the class than when she began in January.

As an added bonus, one of her best friends, Gillian, signed up for the class this session, and Ella was very happily surprised when another friend from school (who no longer goes to the school and Ella had asked where she was) joined the class a few weeks ago. So Ella gets to have gymnastics class plus social hour at the same time - she loves it!!


The Tooles said...

So cute! Caroline loves her gymnastics class too. I am always so impressed with what they are able to do...often all by themselves!

Mom said...

Wow! She's really good! And totally adorable.

Aunt Erin said...

So sweet...and so coordinated!