Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picture Post

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last several weeks -

Posing at the pool

Swimming with Steve

Having fun with Avni and Maddie

Big smile in Grandma and Grandad's golf cart

Swimming with the kick board at their pool

Painting a ceramics monkey. Ella picked out a plate, and I picked out a little monkey. After about 15 minutes she decided she wanted to paint the monkey instead of the plate, so we switched. Then after she finished her monkey it was back to the plate!

Eating a peach at the farmer's market

Pretending to be an OLDDDDDD WO-MAN!

Snuggling with Cory

Sleeping angel

A few weeks ago it was 'bring a friend' week at gymnastics. Ella invited Gillian and had the best time with her.

Here they are holding hands on the balance beam

Hanging out with Daddy

Concentrating so hard at dance class

First ring pop!

One cool customer


Aunt Erin said...

That pottery story sounds quite familiar to our little adventure last year!

Mom said...

Soo pretty. The pic of Ella and Steve is special.