Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We took a trip to the beach a few weeks ago for vacation, Mom and Glenn rented a condo in North Myrtle Beach and we all met there. Ella was beyond excited for the trip and had been asking every day for many weeks when it was going to be time for vacation.

Although I definitely love all the vacation and beach stuff, it's also just such a treat to have so many days in a row with Ella just being able to hang out and have fun without having to stick to a routine, off to school/work, etc, but instead just enjoy her company and have fun together.

Ella just couldn't wait to get her hands on Cameron, and he was of course a good sport with all her affection!

Such a big helper, helping Grammy to feed the adorable little guy

Ella took this picture of Grampy G

On the deck

Ella loved it when Erin would read to her and Cameron at night

My sweet angel fast asleep

Playing in the sand

Building with Grampy G

With Grammy

I get such a kick out of her poses for pictures!

And a bunch of pictures from the pool, where we spent tons of time -

So much fun!!

Little cuties

Cameron loved playing with the water from this watering can, and did not like it one bit when the water stopped!

More to come!

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