Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breaking out the moves

Ella always wants to help me with my coffee in the morning, and coffee is pretty high on her list of the things she wants to have when she 'turns into a big Mommy.' I open the the packet of splenda and let her put it in, let her help pour the creamer, and then she stirs, which is her favorite part. Earlier this week, she surprised me and stirred everything up, put the lid on the cup, and told me it was all ready. I took the cup, impressed she had put the lid on, and thought about how amazing she is.

We headed out the door a few minutes later and as I leaded over the passenger seat to put the cup in the cup holder, it came apart from the lid and I spilled the entire cup of coffee - all over the passenger seat, console, floor mat of the back seat...what a mess! I can't believe I didn't check to make sure that lid was on tight, lesson learned there.

Anyway, even after cleaning it as best as I could, the car still smelled like coffee every time I got in, and the floor mats and floor carpet had brown stains on them. So yesterday we took the car to get the interior cleaned and the rugs shampooed. It took over an hour, so we were in the waiting room for what seemed like forever.

We had my phone, which kept Ella occupied for about 10 minutes, and a snack, but no other toys because I had emptied everything out of the car (another lesson learned!). There were two couches, a water fountain, and some loud music blaring. I did my best to keep her amused - lots of 'where's Ella?', allowing her to crazily swing couch pillows around, tickling, me pretending to sleep and her pretending to snore and wake me up, etc, but we were definitely short on entertainment.

About 45 minutes in, Ella was 'washing' the tupperware container from her snack in the water fountain. The song "Satisfaction" came on and she broke out her moves - it was hysterical. I was laughing so hard and of course that egged her on, but I got out my phone to record the moment.

Notice the props, the lid and container that held peanut butter and crackers about 2 minutes earlier...

YouTube Video

And there's really no explaining this one, Steve said it's time to cut her off from all the Madonna videos

YouTube Video


Mom said...

Oh my word!!!!Where does she get this stuff?

Aunt Erin said...

My goodness...those are some moves!

Katy Toole said...

She does look like she has a mean "Vogue" and there was definitely a little Michael Jackson in there too with the crotch hold at the end! At least she was momentarily entertained=)