Monday, August 22, 2011

Myrtle Beach

Mom left the beach on Saturday morning, and the 3 of us headed down to Myrtle Beach for the rest of the weekend.

Some cute pics of Steve and Ella on the beach

We walked down the boardwalk and went to an arcade, Ella's first. Here she is trying Skee Ball for the first time. We played air hockey, she went in a little rocket ship ride, and Steve and I won some tickets playing some games. At the end she got to pick out some prizes with the tickets and she got a handful of dress-up rings that she wore very faithfully for a few days until they all broke!

We ended up having dinner at a restaurant that was a lot nicer than we were expecting and it was Ella's first dinner in such a nice restaurant - we got her first Shirley Temple to celebrate, and she loved it! Luckily we were in a high-backed booth in a quiet part of the restaurant (I'm sure that was no coincidence when they decided where to seat us!) and Ella did great.

In the lazy river at our hotel pool on Sunday

I cannot believe it took me a month to get all these pictures up but glad I finally did - phew!!

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Mom said...

I remember getting you and Erin Shirley