Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Grinch

Lately Ella has proven to be quite the stingy lady when it comes to gifts for her friends that are turning 4. If it's a gift for someone younger or older than her, she's just fine, but if it's for a friend her age, and something she'd like to have herself - well, forget it!

Several weeks ago, we were shopping for a birthday gift for her friend's party, and every suggestion I made, she said no. All Ella wanted to get her was a pizza party set, which she has and really likes, so I figured ok, no big deal, she just wanted to stick with something tried and true that she knew would be a hit.

For the next party, same thing - all she would agree to was pizza party! I suggested some really neat things and finally realized what was going on when she said SHE'd like them, but her friend would not. Hmmm.

Last weekend, I had to get gifts for 2 birthday parties. Steve took Ella to one store, and I went by myself to Target and figured that on my own I'd finally be free to buy something other than pizza party! I got a Cars (the movie) atlas game and a Princess beauty parlor set. Steve and Ella picked me up at the curb and as I got in Ella said immediately "what's that Cars toy in your bag?" (how she spotted this is beyond me) - I told her it was Spencer's gift. She told me 'oh, Spencer doesn't like Cars. Let me see it." I gave it to her to look at and told her that I do think Spencer really likes Cars, because I've heard him talk about it before. She repeatedly said he wouldn't like that toy, but SHE would like it. Then, I really couldn't believe it when she said "You need to go buy Pizza Party for Spencer's birthday and I'll keep this!" (BTW: the theme of Spencer's party? Yup, Cars!)

I purposely didn't show or mention the Princess beauty parlor set, because I didn't want to have a whole week of Ella asking if she could have it. Well, she found it anyway and of course said she had to have it and told me that if I just gave that one to her, we could go get Maddie another one for her birthday. She's always got the answers! Glenn came this week and took Ella shopping to pick out a toy for a special treat ...and, what did she pick? The princess beauty parlor set! According to both Glenn and Ella, she absolutely zeroed in on it and had her mind made up that was what she needed.

I see we have a long way to go in conveying the spirit of giving gifts. Yikes!!

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Mom said...

That's so cute - she's very smart, and apparently, cunning.