Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Weekend at the Beach

Mom and Glenn took us to the beach for a final beach weekend of the summer. We kept an eye on the weather all week because Hurricane Earl was on the way to the coast, and the beach we were going to had been evacuated on Thursday morning. The storm came through Thursday night and fortunately was no big deal at all, but the beach was just about deserted by the time we got there on Friday afternoon.

Checking things out with Steve

We had perfect weather all weekend - it was mid 80s, the coolest weather of the summer, beautiful and mild. It was not at all crowded and Ella had a blast in the water and playing in the sand.

Ready to hit the beach

Fun on the beach

Glenn got Ella an inflatable alligator for the pool that she LOVED - she loved getting rides on it, demanding which way she wanted to go, lots of chomping, and being incredibly silly with it

A cute video of Ella playing

It was a great Labor Day weekend and wonderful way to end the summer!


Aunt Erin said...

I LOVE her high pony!

Mom said...

She is just so much fun.