Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Picture Post

I haven't had very much blogging time lately, but I've still been taking as many pictures as usual! Here are some cute ones from the last few weeks -

Putting on her jewels

Ready for school

Pretty girl

Helping me fold laundry :)

With Cory

Reading in the car

Poor little girl on her sick day

Reading in her room

Making a wish at a fountain

One of her chores - loading up the coffee dispenser when we get new coffee

Cory and Nomar snuggling in bed

Climbing at the playground


Rachel said...

I loved looking at all the photos. The one about her "chore" made me smile - she looks so serious about it. :)

Aunt Erin said...

Is she wearing a french braid in the "Ready for School" pic? Good work!

The Tooles said...

Never a dull moment=)