Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Army-Duke Football Game

On Saturday we went to the Army - Duke football game at Duke. There was a West Point tailgate through the local WP Society and there were so many alumni and Army fans at the game, it was really fun. It was HOT day, in the 90s, and we had to walk so far, carrying Ella, from where we had parked. Thankfully our seats were in a section with our backs to the sun, so got a break once we sat down for the game.

The only sporting events that Ella has been to are Steve's softball games, so she's never been to a game where he hasn't played. When she first saw the field, the first thing she said was "Daddy's going to throw down there?" Then, later on in the game she asked again when daddy was going to have a turn - ha!

Even though West Point was the visiting team, there was a bunch of Army stuff during the game, which was neat, and fun to show Ella.

Golden Knight parachuting on to the field

Fly Over

Army scored right away and actually scored twice in the first quarter - very fun to watch!

During halftime there was an enlistment ceremony for 50 new soldiers

Ella did great during the game, I thought we'd probably only make it through the first half but we stayed until just a few minutes left in the last quarter when Army caught an interception and we knew the game was over. I think her excellent demeanor had something to do with the mass quantities of lemonade and popcorn she ate and drank, but I'll take it!

It was really a fun day, excellent first football game for Ella and even better that Army won!


Aunt Erin said...

Poor little sweaty girl!

Mom said...

That looks like so much fun, I love the Army Kid hat.
What a doll.