Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend at Grammy and Grampy G's

Steve and I went to York, Pennsylvania for the wedding of Steve's friend from high school on September 12. The wedding was on Sunday so we went from Saturday to Monday. Ella stayed with Mom and Glenn and of course had tons of fun.

Mom gave me lots of updates and plenty of good pics so we knew what Ella was up to at all times :). A few of the pics that Mom sent during the weekend -

Mom told Ella they were going "camping" and Ella was excited all week about her camp-out. Here she is setting up camp -

Sleepy girl in the car on the way home from buying a crib for her baby cousin

Taking a nap on the couch

Ready for church

Enjoying a snack

Steve and I had a really nice weekend, it was relaxing and fun and a nice few days away.

A picture of us at the wedding -

It is great to be able to enjoy a few days away and know that Ella is having such a great time and is so well taken care of!


Mom said...

Take more trips! It's so much fun to spend "alone" time with Ella.

Mom said...

You and Steve look so cute BTW.