Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Magic Kingdom, Day 2

Ella was on a mission for our second day at Magic Kingdom! She had her list of favorites from the day before that she wanted to ride again, and a few things that we hadn't been on the day before. 

 It was the early opening day for Disney hotel guests, so we were at the park bright at early, before 8am. 

Great viewing spot to see Mickey ride in on the train

Steve and Ella heading down Main Street to start the fun

Excited for another great day

First on the agenda was Space Mountain, and they rode it a few times in a row. 

Then we zipped back across the park for two rides on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. 

We went on Pirates of the Caribbean again, and re-rode a few other fun rides from the day before. 

Even though it wasn't one of the 'big rides', Ella really wanted to go on Dumbo because it was on the cover of the Disney book I had been reading before the trip. They let all 3 of us cram into one car and we laughed the whole time because we were squeezed in so tight.

Writing her observations about these circus cars

Steve and Ella riding the Barnstormer - a small roller coaster compared to Space Mountain the Thunder Railroad, but still a goody

On the teacups for our last ride of the day -- just look at that face!!

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